Mr House 22 leaks Dineo & friends from sunnyside s_e.x Video - thereason for leaking will shock you

A man currently known as Mr House 22 leaked rather adult rated video of Dineo a famous 'slay queen' & friends from sunnyside and the reason he leaked it will shock you!

A blesser who met dineo and her friends at house 22 in Pretoria Sunnyside l3aked their video and pictures for m_3ssing up his jacuzzi after party.

Slay Queens are piling up bills bigger than Blessers bargain for - The Blesser/Blessee and Slay Queen culture is getting way out of hand.

Being a 'Slay Queen' seems to come at such a high price of late. One, in particular, a video trended this past weeks where a group of Slay Queens racked up a bill that reached almost R38,000 and the Blesser who was meant to pay the bill disappeared, leaving them with the bill!

Dineo and her slaying friends are in trouble because private matters graduated to public matters.

Seems like this leaking of videos thing has become a trend!

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