Real Reason Why Rapper Emtee Fell On Stage - See Video Here

Rapper Emtee took a hard fall during his recent performance. The fall sparked widespread controversy on social media with people blaming the fall on alcohol and drugs.

Yes a lot of people, both fans and fellow celebrities took to social media to address Emtee and the incident, most of them telling Emtee to slow down on drugs and alcohol because he looked high during the performance!

But Musician Emtee has finally broken his silence on his 'collapse' during a performance over the weekend after video footage of the incident went viral on social media, with the hip-hop star insisting it was "just a fall" and there's nothing more to it. And it's true, the fall was not due to drugs or alcohol. We have a screen shot extracted from the video as proof:

"I'm doing great. Absolutely fine. I just fell. The security was worried so they took me backstage. The stage was very small and I had to watch my step. It must've been a wire that made me fall because I wouldn't have just fallen out of the blue." - Said Emtee.

Although Emtee emphasized that he hasn't touched a drink in 7 years and he is not sure what he tripped on and fell, even assuming that it might have been a wire on the stage. Our investigative journalists have taken it upon themselves to get to the bottom of this matter and they indeed found out why Emtee fell. Upon analyzing and careful observation of the video from every possible angle, it was discovered that Emtee fell because an over excited fan grabbed his foot and actually pulled it.

Below is a video of Emtee falling on Stage in slow motion:

So It would appear that a lot of fans and celebs actually owe Emtee an apology for calling him a drug addict in need of rehab.

Source: ABCnews

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