See The R10 m Statue Of Nelson Mandela - Another Waste Of TaxpayersMoney

South African government officials never run out ideas to waste taxpayers money. And their recent 'project' is no different from all the other projects they've used in the past to waste taxpayers money!

According to reports there's a statue situated in Kimberly which costed the state 10 Million Rands to build. The statue has shocked South Africans and not in a good way.

The statue is infact just a painting hanging on a pole. South Africa being the country it is, our citizens have found humor in this, with one citizen saying maybe the paint used for the statue was imported and that's why the project costed the taxpayers a staggering 10 million rands.

Here is a picture of the painting below. Please feel free to tell us what you think in the comments section.

Source: ABCnews.co.za

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