Sunnyside Shoprite Busted Selling Fake Eggs Made With UnhealthyChemicals - WATCH VIDEO

Pretoria - The Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries has urged consumers to return or report any “fake” eggs supposedly being sold at shoprite.

This follows numerous complaints in recent days over the spread of oddly-coloured eggs from a shoprite store in Sunnyside Pretoria that have left consumers sick after eating them.

Shoprite apparently uses their own trucks to deliver goods to their stores, so there is no actual evidence that the goods delivered in stores are from legitimate suppliers. Upon investigating reports from numerous consumers complaining about shoprite sunnyside eggs in Pretoria, it was discovered that the eggs are actually made right here in Sunnyside at a flat owned by a bunch of Chinese nationals. It is believed that the store management saved tons of money by ordering fake eggs from the Chinese instead of going to a legit supplier. The eggs are made using multiple chemicals which is why most consumers got sick after eating the eggs. Watch video below of fake eggs being made:

The shell is made of shaped calcium carbonate. Other ingredients include starch, resin, and cellulose coagulants for the egg white, and edible pigment additives for the yolk.

The department confirmed it was aware of reports regarding the sale of “fake” eggs.

“Yes, the department is aware of these reports on social media and the radio; these reports are currently under investigation by the department’s inspectors,” the department said.

While the department added that the colouring of eggs could be influenced by the food fed to the laying hens, it urged consumers to return “abnormal” or “suspicious” eggs to retailers and request a refund.

Alternatively, consumers can report the issue to the assignee of DAFF, Agency for Food Safety and Quality (AFSQ), who will then investigate the issue.


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