Unhealthy Chinese Restaurant In Sunnyside Pretoria Prepares Their MeatOn The Toilet Floor

A Chinese Restaurant in Pretoria famously known as "machaineng" has come under fire after an ex employee made some shocking revelations about the restaurant and even provided pictures as proof.

The restaurant which is situated under a city property building called Alan's Place, opposite another city property building called Myer's place in Esselen street a few metres from The DTI is owned by a Chinese couple. Although the restaurant is owned by Chinese nationals, they serve African food like pap, mogodu, chicken, beef, spinach and so on. The restaurant is loved by everyone who lives and works in Sunnyside.

But what customers of the restaurant don't know is that, they are eating very unhealthy food and the meat is stored and prepared in the restaurant toilets. According to a source who used to work at the restaurant, this is mainly because the restaurant is very small and they don't have enough space to wash and prepare the meat. So the meat usually just goes straight to the toilet as soon as it arrives. Our source who requested not to be named provided us pictures of the meat which she took using her cellphone. See pictures below:

As you can see from the pictures above. This is no way to store food which is supposed to be consumed by humans. This is a health hazard and that restaurant should be closed before people die from that food if they haven't died already. Said the source.

The Chinese owners of the restaurant do not eat the food prepared at the restaurant because they know that the meat is prepared in the restaurant toilets. Even employees at the restaurant do not eat the food there. Added the source!

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The restaurant in question doesn't really have a name, all one sees on the restaurant entrance is a board hanging outside written "GOLD WAY F1-TAKE AWAYS!" And inside it's orange, red and green plastic chairs placed beside ceramic tables. And indeed the restaurant is small. The cashier is usually the Chinese wife or the Chinese husband surrounded by their African employees whom we believe prepare the food in the toilet under the Chinese orders!

Source: ABCnews.co.za

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