Watch Dumped Bride Throws A Wedding Party - Very Sad And Very Bold

A WOMAN whose betrothed failed to pitch up on their big day decided to go ahead with the “wedding” party anyway. Watch her brave speech below!

According to Coconuts, Manow Jutathip Nimnual (24) was due to marry Phakin Junjerm (20) in Ratchaburi, central Thailand last Sunday.

The couple were recently engaged and had ordered pre-wedding photos. The bride’s parents had demanded Bt200 000 (about R80 200) in cash and the same amount in gold as the labola.

According to Manow’s cousin, just a week before they were to marry Manow found out that Phakin had a secret lover.

Phakin then tried to call the whole thing off by saying he couldn’t afford the bride price. Manow’s parents offered to loan him Bt140 000 (about R56 200) so that the wedding could still go ahead.

But Phakin clearly had a case of cold feet, and when the day finally arrived to get married, Phakin vanished.

Brave Manow made the decision to continue with the wedding party, despite her public humiliation. Watch video below:

Her livestream on Facebook of the occasion, where she makes a speech thanking her guests for coming and apologising for the way the wedding turned out, got close to 4 million views, and cheers of support from around the world.


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