Bolobedu Man Kills His Own Brother And Chops Off His Body Parts For Javana Money in Sekhimini Village

There is no limit to what people would do for money and fame. And human sacrifice is one of the dark paths that people who are desperate for riches take to obtain their riches.

People sacrifice fellow human beings in what is famously known as muti rituals in desperate attempts to get rich or famous. In most cases, people who have suffered the most with human sacrifice rituals for money are the albino communities because most people believe that albinos are a powerful choice when it comes to money rituals.

But it appears things have changed and tables have turned. In Bolobedu, people sacrifice close blood related family members during muti money rituals, according to people around Bolobedu, the closer the bloodline you sacrifice, the more money you will get. In Bolobedu they call this getting the "Javana". It is reported that this javana thing is a tokoloshi which is given to anyone who is willing to sacrifice their family members for money. This so called Javana will reportedly provide you with a never ending supply of cash as long as you can provide it with a never ending supply of blood from your family members. Yes according to a source who didn't want to be named, once you take the javana you will need to kill a family member from your bloodline every time the javana tokoloshi demands it. When you start for the first time, the javana demands that you sacrifice a parent if they are still alive, if they are not alive then you will have to sacrifice a sibling. After the first sacrifice then following sacrifices you can choose anyone you want to sacrifice in your family as long as they are your bloodline. Added the source!
A recent sacrifice in Bolobedu took place in Bolobedu at a village called Sekhimini where a 35 years old man killed his own younger brother and cut of his private parts as a sacrifice for javana. The man was busted after he was found with blood stained clothes and the DNA on the blood matched his younger brother's DNA. Also it is reported that the man went parading around the village telling villagers that he is about to get very rich.

We interviewed elders at the village and according to them, this javana human sacrifice thing is not only starting now in Bolobedu, it has been happening for a long time and it changes names as time goes on, it was once called 'durban' then it was eventually called 'faka' and now it is called 'Javana' and these days it is taken by the youth. Apparently sometimes you have to kill the victims by yourself or alternatively the javana tokoloshi can kill your victim for you and make it look like the death was the result of an accident or a short illness. These deaths of your family members will continue until you have no more family members in your bloodline to sacrifice or until you die. And if you refuse to sacrifice any more family members then the javana kills you and everyone in your family!

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