Man's Not Barry Roux Exposes Prophet Shepherd Bushiri for impregnating Allegro Dinkwanyane

Controversial twitter user Man's Not Barry Roux Exposed Prophet Shepherd Bushiri (Major 1)for impregnating Allegro Dinkwanyane.

A twitter account posted on wednesday afternoon at around 14:33 that ECG church leader Prophet Shepherd Bushiri has impregnated one of his daughters in the lord Allegro Dinkwanyane who is the Founder and CEO at Orgella Media.

The twitter account claim that Allegro Dinkwanyane who was an active member at ECG church has stopped going to ECG church according to reports by the twitter account.
Below is a picture of Allegro Dinkwanyane at ECG

 When we tried to reach to the Prophet and to the Orgella media Founder and CEO to hear their side of the story we could not reach to them at the time of writing this unconfirmed piece of an article.

Keep on checking for more details and clarity.

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