Gabola Church Founder Tsietsi Makiti Writes His Own Bible - Hallelujah Amstel

First, Tsietsi Makiti founded a church out of a tavern (local alcohol joint), then he went on to be ordained as a pope.

Now, the religious leader plans to write his own bible. It has been reported that Pope Tsietsi Makiti announced he would be writing his own bible using the kasis where they have branches as the chapters' names.

Although the bible has not been seen but Makiti has provided news outlets with a few samples of the verses the holy book would incorporate. According to the report, Evaton North chapter 1 verse 1 reads: “Leave every Gabola Church member to come to the first black African pope, equal to none, for the kingdom of God is for the ones like them. Now and forevermore, Hallelujah Amstel.”

Makiti has since the establishment of his church in 2017, upgraded his title from bishop to pope. In April the Gabola founder was ordained as the ‘Pope of Africa’ in Evaton North.

However, although his church grew rapidly in only a few months, exceeding 15,000 members, the South African Union Council of Independent Churches said the church was a cult and disgrace to the Christian faith.

Check Gabola Church facebook page for updates on their Bible CLICK-HERE

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