Lillian Dube Admits That She Is Still Se_xually Active With 7 V!brators At Age 70 and Proud

Speaking to the press about her new role and on-screen daughter, veteran actress, Mam'Lillian Dube admitted to relating to her on-screen daughter, played by Celeste Ntuli, who has been looking for love in the wrong places. 
Dube will be playing the role of Buyi's mother. Buyi (played by Ntuli) is under pressure to find love and her parents insist she take her head out of the clouds and focus on finding a good man to settle down with.
 “As parents, it doesn’t matter how we parent our children, they will always choose to be who they want to be. They always look for love in wrong places and this leads them to be miserable,” explained Dube.
She says she had also gone through that phase before reuniting with her current lover who had been an ex boyfriend of hers. Dube gushed about her lover whom she says she is very open and honest with about everything, including s_ex, which he is shy to talk about. 
“I am still se_xually active – I own seven v!brators. I live an honest life. I have nothing to hide,” she said.
She bought the s_ex toys back when she was single. 
'Looking For Love' premieres Monday on the 13 August in Hyde Park and will hit cinemas on 31 August 2018. 

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