Man Burns Himself Alive After Finding His Son In Bed With His New Wife - Watch Son And Step Mom Video

A South African man set himself ablaze after he found his first born son who is 18 years old in bed with his new wife who is 40 years old.

David Mohale who lives in Ga-Rankua, Pretoria who works as gardener in an estate in Pretoria East came home early from work yesterday and found his beloved wife and son n*ked in bed together.

Upon discovering his son doing to his wife what he usually does to his wife, David was hurt and so torn apart that he ended his own life in the most painful and unexpected way. David burnt himself to death.
According to neighbors who were at the scene when David was confronting his wife and son. David asked them why they would do this to him and both his wife and son showed no remorse. The wife complained that David was not satisfying him and his younger son who is more active and lively was way better than David and he took her places she's never been in bed.

Apparently the son also showed no regrets for what he did. Before David set himself alight, he explained how he felt like a failure as a man and a husband because he could not satisfy his wife, and he also expressed how he felt like a failure as a father because he raised a son who has no respect at all for his father. Then David poured gasoline on himself, neighbors thought he wasn't going to go through with it but he did light the match and by the time they tried to stop him, the blaze was already huge and David kept running uncontrollably due to pain and they couldn't keep up.