Mandla Nkosi caught Umlazi Councillor red handed with another man's wife - Video

Video of a councillor in umlazi, caught red handed with another mans wife by Mandla Nkosi and his friend.

Video of east coast of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, located south-west of Durban Councillor making rounds on social media and causing traffic jams.

A councillor was caught and filmed red handed with another mans wife.According to reports mandla nkosi and his friend caught the woman who happened to be a wife to their friend red handed with the umlazi Durban councillor.
A source close to Mandla told Mansi Stories that Mandla and his friend visited their other friend's house as if its a surprise but the truth of the truth of the matter is, they were suspecting the councillor is messing up their other friend's family.

When we tried to contact Mandla to get more details his phone kept on ringing and then took us straight to voice mail "I'm currently in a meeting "