Tembisa Woman Finds Beans Instead Of Fish In A Lucky Star Can Bought At A Pakistanis Spaza Shop

Wonders shall never end when it comes to Pakistan owned shops. A woman from Tembisa got a surprise when she bought a can of lucky star and found beans instead of fish in the tin. This happened after a woman bought 3 tins of lucky star canned fish at a pakistanis spaza shop in Tembisa only to find all three cans filled with beans.

Upon discovering that the tin was filled with beans instead of fish, Ms Mathebula from Wnnie Madela in Tembisa went back to the Pakistan shop where she purchased the goods hoping to get a refund. But instead she was turned away by the shopkeeper who told her that he is not responsible she should go to the lucky star fish company and consult with them.

Mrs Mathebula says then she decided to just go back home with her beans fish and made a bens stew with the beans because she had no odea how to get ahold of the lucky star fish company to voice her complaints. 

"The beans stew was actually delicious, my kids enjoyed it and so did it. But the after effects were horrible because we couldn't stop going to the toilet and our farts smelled like dead rats!" - Added Ms Mathebula. 

This is not the first time Pakistan shop owners have come under fire for selling fake products to consumers. In recent news Pakistanians in Marabastart Pretoria and Johannesburg were arrested for producing fake and unhealthy coca cola products.

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