Watch Brave Man Expose Prophet Bushiri's Lies On Live TV After Bushiri Didn't Pay Him Enough To Lie At Church

A brave Pretoria man refused to play along to Bushiri's lies and fake miracles because he felt he wasn't paid enough.

The brave man embarrassed Bushiri on live TV on Prophet Bushiri's Prosthetic channel which has millions of viewers.
In the video Bushiri can be seen and heard asking the man if they know eachother and if they have ever met before. To which the man replies yes.

The man further explains that during the day Prophet Major 1 Bushiri called him outside and asked him what his name is and other details.

According to the man and other former members of the church. This is what Bushiri does. He asks you details about your life then he will prophesy you in front of the congregation and for a fee you are suppose to play along and act like before the prophesy you've never seen man of God Bushiri.