White Man Made His Dogs attack a black child who went to his house selling tomatoes - WATCH

Here Is A Story Of How A White Man Made His Bulldogs attack a young black girl who went to his house selling tomatoes from ZZ2!

A young girl was left in a critical condition after an encounter with a boerboel at a white man's home in Mphagane, Limpopo last week. Mphagane is an area in Limpopo which is dominated by refugees from Mozambique.

A source close to the young girl told Mzansi Stories that the girl was trying to raise funds to buy her-self school uniform and to buy her grand mother who struggle to see spectacles.

The video clip that was posted on Facebook by the white man shows him unlocking his dog house and instructing the boerboel to attack the poor girl who is originally from Mozambique.
When we observed the video clip we could see the white man making fun of the girl and when he realize that the girl was badly injured he then applied Methylated spirits and distilled white vinegar on her and then dished her Spaghetti with Mincemeat to try and manipulate her.

The white man allegedly claimed he had not intended to get the child attacked, he claim he was playing with the child and his Dogs are just r_acist because it was the first time they see a black person.

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