17 years learner 'Tumisang Moraka' who stabbed teacher to death says he doesn't regret it, he is like 'Maleven' who is his role model - watch video

Tumisang Moraka expresses his feelings about killing a teacher 'Gadimang Daniel Mokolobate‚ 24 at Ramotshere Secondary School, North West in Zeerust.  

The name of a leaner who killed a teacher at Ramotshere secondary school is 'Moraka Tumisang' - You can check him on facebook

According to reports - When social workers and psychologists conducted an interview with the learner 'Tumisang Moraka' who killed a teacher 'Gadimang Daniel Mokolobate' he told them that:

"Meneer Mokolobate had no respect for me and I gave him what he deserved, I am willing to serve in jail or prison for anyone who ever disrespects me." Said the learner (killer) 

"I am Maskapa and i wish my father was Maleven, that man inspires me so much and I want to follow his footsteps, my family doesn't love me so I'm already in hell where i belong"he said.
Apparently the student refused to speak to his family, he told the police that he doesn't have a family and they must get that clear.

Condolences to the family of the teacher from fellow teachers as well as from the department of Education, may the Lord give you strength during this hard time and it shall pass because God is with you.

When we made efforts to get comments from fellow students and colleagues of the late Mokolobate, they couldn't speak, they all broke down into tears up until we decided to set an appointment for another day when the dust has settled.