17yr old learner 'Tumisang Moraka' appears in Lehurutshe magistrate Court after stabbing a teacher to death in Zeerust

The 17 years old learner is expected to appear in court for the first time in Lehurutshe Magistrate Court Zeerust where he will face charges of first degree murder after he stabbed his teacher to death at school.

The grade 10 leaner faces a murder charge and has been in custody since the incident.
The incident happened last week at a school in Zeerust in full view of pupils who were writing an exam.
It is alleged that the teacher had reprimanded the pupil the day before the fatal attack.
Meanwhile, in Gauteng, a 15-year-old boy from an Eldorado Park secondary school appeared in court on Friday after he pointed a gun at his teacher.
Teachers’ union Sadtu is calling on the Basic Education Department to ensure the safety of teachers at schools.
Another union, Naptosa, has also criticised the department, saying that it isn’t doing enough to protect teachers against abuse from pupils at schools.
The union’s Basil Manuel says: “The Education Department needs to take the issue of discipline for more seriously.
There is no protection for the teacher after the fact. After you have complained, you go back in and very often the same youngster is back in your class as the hero, not as the perpetrator.”
However, the Basic Education Department’s Elijah Mhlanga says that it is not the time to point fingers.
“You are in a difficult position as you end up being a guardian as opposed to being a teacher, that’s why we think that parents need to know what their children are carrying [sic]. In this case, the learner in the North West did not go to school on time, in fact, he was going much later, and the parents were there and asking him why are you not going to school as per normal. He said that he’ll go to school at about 11[am] when he knew that that was the time that he was going to stab the teacher at school.”