Bonang Speaks On Why Man are failing to get her pregnant

Bonang Speaks On Why She Hasn’t Had Kids Yet, is she barren?

Bonang Speaks On Why She Hasn’t Had Kids Yet! A few years back, the TV host revealed that she did not want to have kids saying she had different priorities.

In a different interview said she knew a pretty place to have a baby shower if she ever had one but the chances were slim. Bonang added that having a baby brother was good enough for her.

On her cover story with GQ cover, the September Issue, Bonang finally opened up about why she feels that way. It turns out queen B wants to have kids but she just haven’t found a man worthy enough to have kids with, 
“You know the reason why I haven’t had kids is because I haven’t met a man who I think is worthy of being the father of my children, because I see my children as formidable human being who are going to change the world. And you need a certain kind of man to support that level of thinking. I see myself raising an Elon Mask and a Trevor Noah,” she told the mag.

On being married, Bonang doesn’t sound sold to the idea. “Why can’t I be my own self made billionaire,” she said.