“South Africans Will Starve To Death, Once Land Is Taken From White Farmers” - Donald Trump

People are talking about stolen land alot lately,who are the beneficiaries of that land?m i going to also get some hectors coz i m black?.
I can’t afford to buy a simple vw velocity let alone buying a tractor,i have a low credit score no bank ‘ll borrow me money.

What i m going to do exactly with that land once i’ve taken it away from those i accuse of stealing it?.i failed to run a simple tuck shop elokshini and i rented it out to somalians.
Mr Malema and your EFF you can grab the land wherever you want but please leave the farming land to the farmers,they are doing a wonderful job with the land they possess right now…..
Once you take away farming land from the farmers that ‘ll be the beginning of starvation..
Your racist remarks aren’t helping either,farmers are being brutally killed now and than by people who believe they are being owed something by farmers.
Keep your hands off our farmers and the land they are currently occupying,they use that land to feed me and you.
Pheello Chris Mlotshwa