Dros rapist Nicholas Ninow's mother blame their black neighbour for witchcraft why he raped a 6 years child

Mother defend a 21 years old man who raped a 6 years old child at Dros

On Thursday afternoon Nicholas Ninow's mother posted remarks on social media defending her son who raped a 6 years old girl who is turning 7 this year at #Dros Restaurant, Pretoria. 

Nicho's mother explained how their b_lack neibour attempted to do witchcraft to their family.
"There is no way on earth my son can r_ape, it's black magic, apparently our jelous neibour's muti has been succesful this time, when you are a multi millionaire and a Christian ; Satanist won't leave you, my son has been witched"she said

Its funny how Some of the social media user's believe this nonsensical statement from the mother, accusing the anonymous neibour of witchcraft is seemingly taking things much too far.

Also, why would you tweet and blame someone else for your mistakes as a mother? She tweeted frantically and obviously deleted. But the internet never forgets.