17 Year Old Learner Killed Teacher For Not Allowing Him To Jump The Food Queue In Zeerust North West

The department of education has lost a teacher in Zeerust Dinokana, North West after he was stabbed to death by a learner, and all the teacher was trying to do was bring order and discipline to the school.

Meneer Mokolobate(Gadimang Mokolobate Costa Papiki) 24 years of age was stabbed to death by a student(17 years of age)this afternoon in The North West after they had a long argument.

A source told reporters that the teacher was one of the most hated educators at school because He was so strict and persuading all student to do good and to be in order. 

According to the source the late Mr Mokolobate kicked this young boy yesterday when he didn't want to stand on the queue for food, usually the young boy would bully other students and get the food before them even though he never stood in the queue. Apparently the young boy hit the teacher with a plate of food following the kick.
"The next day the young boy came to school with a knife and initiated a fight with the teacher and he eventually stabbed him on the heart to kill him." - Added the source.

When the young boy pulled out the knife out of the teacher's flesh, he collapsed and he was taken to the hospital by fellow educators and later on after 30 minutes he was confirmed dead.

This Happened At A School Named Ramotshere High in Zeerust Dinokana In  the north west.