Limpopo Slay Queen steals grandfather’s goats to buy Brazilian weave

A Limpopo slay queen has sold her grandfather’s goats to buy a Brazilian weave. According to the angry grandfather, he noticed three of his goats were missing and launched a search.

“I noticed my three goats were missing and walked around the village to search for them. I spotted them in a van and quickly stopped the driver to ask what was going on,” said the old man who identified himself as Matome Dikgale.

“When I approached him the driver told me my grandchild sold the goats to him because she wanted money to buy a Brazilian weave. I was shocked and angry to the limit. I didn’t expect such from her because she’s a churchgoer,” he added.
When we approached the lady she confessed that she sold the goats because she wanted money to buy weave. “I know what I did was wrong but I didn’t have a choice. It’s festive season and I wanted to look like other girls. It’s better than having a blesser,” said the lady who asked not to be named.

Brazilian weaves cost between R2500 and R20 000 depending on size and where you buy them. It is estimated that South African women spend over R1 billion a year to buy fake hair.