Man Who Took A Sh.it Outside NewsCafe Says He Wants An Award For Biggest Sh.it Ever Recorded

A video of man who sh.it himself outside a popular News Cafe club is doing the rounds on social media.

In the video a man who seems completely drunk can be seen sitting and chilling on his very own sh.it. According to social media reports, the man is known on social media only as "Big Sh.it Poppin", because of the huge sh.it he took in front of cameras , apparently the man left nice clean toilets inside news cafe and decided to take a sh.it outside News Cafe in the parking lot.

The man then took a huge dump in the parking lot, afterwards he sad on the sh.it. Drivers who came to the parking lot took videos and tried to ask the man why he left the toilets inside and took a doose outside but the man did not answer any of them, he just sat on the dump he took, with his pants slightly above his knees.
A lot of people took to social media to voice their opinion on the viral video of the man whom they now call "Big Sh.it Poppin", because of the huge sh.it he took outside News Cafe.

One lady on facebook said i hope he doesn't commit suicide, another person said i blame hunters gold. Most people just said "your boyfriends!"

When we tracked down big sh.it poppin, he wasn't at all ashamed of his actions, instead he said he wants an award for taking the biggest sh.it ever recorded. He says the sh.it was so big, letting it out took a toll on him. He was so tired he couldn't talk or get up, he just sat on the sh.it.

"It was like giving birth taking that sh.it" - said big sh.it poppin.