Mpumalanga Husband burn child with boiling water after DNA test revealed he is not the father - Pictures

Man burn child with hot water after DNA test reveals he is not the father - Video

A 36-year-old man was on Monday arrested at Mpumalanga in South Africa 'County' after he allegedly burned the child with hot water after DNA results revealed he is not the father,

The accused, Mohale Jack Mabasa, reportedly poured hot water that was meant to prepare soft porridge for the child.

According to one of their neighbors in Mpumalanga, the accused received a strange visitor on Sunday afternoon when his wife was still at church and later the visitor who look like the child was later seen leaving when the wife took long to arrive from church, apparently the man visited to see his little daughter.
“When the wife arrived they started quarreling and the wife went to the bedroom and begin parking the baby’s clothes ” said the source

“When the husband insisted to ask the wife more questions about the baby she threatened to kill him the way she killed two men before,” she added.

The wife however denied the allegations and insisted 'Mohale' is the father and on Monday Morning when they did the DNA tests, it proved that the husband is not the father.When they got home when the wife prepared water to make the child some food, the husband lost it and poured the boiling water on the child attempting to kill the child, the water was actually meant to prepare soft porridge for the baby.

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