Open Letter To The President: "Cyril Ramaphosa Is An Idiot, You may have money but You Have No brains nor feelings" - Read the rest of the letter here

This is for you Cyril Ramaphosa, if anyone knows how to get this post to him…do not hesitate!
I am prepared to go to jail, and I am not emotionally fuelled, I am calm….so don’t get it wrong.

I want you Cyril Ramaphosa to know that I believe you are an idiot. You may have money but you have No brains nor feelings for the rest of the nation….least of all white people.
Firstly you are loaded with land, buildings, mines and money….land you bought from white people, you have paid for….but the farmers must give their land freely to WHOEVER YOU CALL SA CITIZENS ( BLACKS) is my guess…WELL F**K THAT, it does not add up!
Why don’t you toe the line, lead from the front, give of your property and land to the SA folk staying in squalor, especially the ones who vote for you and your party year in and out for empty promises???
Today, three clients of mine all three husband are dead in one week….HACKED with pangas, two wives succumbed to their wounds after being raped and one is fighting for her life….they were attacked in this week.
Those children are devastated….along with the farm workers, and their children.
You and your cronies are turning a deaf ear, blind eye, speak about other countries who offer help to these farmers asif they are interfering????
My sorry as*!!!! You all walk around with body guards!!#
We the taxpayer our money protects you but our white Afrikaner brothers and sisters get killed….they too pay tax man.
I wish honestly that all of you get some rubber bullet treatment up your as*es today so that you can stop sitting in those chambers and talk your ignorant sh*t!
Letter by :Yasmien Ebrahim