President Cyril Ramaphosa Admits That He Is A Daily Weed Smoker And Most Of His Political Decisions Are Done After A smoking Session

Now that private use of dagga has been legalized in South Africa, people are coming out and sharing that they are casual smokers.

But what the nation did expect was to learn that our very own President Cyril Ramaphosa is an everyday weed smoker.

Yes thuma mina smokes weed daily and most of his political decision are made under the influence of weed. According to the President, weed helps him deal with the everyday pressure of running an entire country.

"It is a very hard job and it comes with a lot of pressure because the whole country has high expectations from me, so weed helps me keep calm and sane so that i can make good decision on behalf of South Africans." - Said Cyril Ramaphosa.

Even before i go to parliament i smoke a joint or two so that i can be able to endure the EFF hooligans and i am not the only member of Parliament who prefers to get high first before getting into parliament, Bathabile Dlamini brings the best weed in every occasion, we think she grows it herself in her home because in all my years of smoking, i have never come across such fine joints.
Upon learning this truths about our president, most South Africans took to social media to say what they think.

One person on twitter said, no wonder he makes bad decisions only, must be the weed. He must have been high when he signed a deal with the Chinese too.

One more user said i have always suspected that he is on drugs, especially after the Marikana saga..

Another user on face book said, Ramaphosa should stop smoking weed because everytime he gets high, the price of petrol goes high too.