Proof That Rapper AKA Is Gay - Video Of Top less AKA Kissing A White Man Goes Viral

A video of South African Rapper AKA kissing another man has gone viral on social media, proving that AKA might be indeed a homosexual considering the drama the rapper has caused and been involved in over the years.

In the video AKA can be seen grabbing the white man and passionately kissing him for almost 10 minutes. After the long passionate kiss, AKA puts a finger over his and says shhhh, signalling his partner that he shouldn't say anything.

Most people took to social media to defend AKA saying he was drunk or high, while others said that AKA was just revealing who he rally is, a b*tch *ss n*gga. AKA also took to twitter to address the issue.

"AKA has always been known for his dramatic ways, atleast now we know why he is such a drama queen, it's because his homosexual hormones be raging through the roof," said a source who is close to the situation.

Another person who seems to have had an idea about AKA's sexuality is Somizi Mhlongo, who only said, "i knew it!"