‘I don’t care about white people. They can protest all they want, as long as they protest quietly in their home where no one will see them’, Mabuza

South African Deputy President David Mabuza told reporters Saturday that he’s OK with white people protesting perceived injustices in our society, as long as they do so quietly in their own homes.
White Sasol employees embarked on a full blown strike on Thursday.

Members of trade union Solidarity have been on a go-slow since Monday, protesting against a share scheme, meant to empower black employees.
Solidarity says the scheme discriminates against white workers.
“Look, you can get out there and protest all you want. Knock yourselves out,” he told reporters. “But just do it somewhere that no one can see you—somewhere like in your living room, or maybe your basement. The attic’s great too, if you have one.”
“And try to keep it down,” he added. “Some people are trying to get on with their lives and ignore your problems.” the Deputy said.