South African woman claims that JayZ is her brother and she needs help to get reunited with him - Please share this

A South African woman is pleading with members with the public to help her reach out to her long lost brother JayZ.

A woman who we only know as Salphina says her mother is from Senegal and she was born in Senegal but she was adopted by a South African couple from Johannesburg, while JayZ was allocated to an American couple. Salphina grew up in Johannesburg but currently spends most of days in Pretoria. We spotted Salphina in a club in Pretoria and that's how we got ahold of her story of how she was separed from her brother JayZ, unfortunately we can't mention the club because it would be free advertising.
Salphina spends most of her time listening to her favorite classic records most of them by her brother JayZ.

Salphina says she has been trying for ages to get people who can actually connect her to her brother but sadly she doesn't know anyone important, so the task has been proving rather impossible.

If you are able to assist Salphina to reunite with her long lost brother please send us a message on facebook or send us a tweet on twitter