Tebogo Ndlovu Killed by white farmer and fed to crocodiles for stealing 10 oranges

Tebogo Ndlovu, went missing after he was shot, killed and fed to crocodiles for stealing 10 oranges, allegedly by Mathew Benson, a farmer in Majakaneng, near Brits in the North West.  Benson was cleared of all charges.

The case against a farmer’s son, accused of the murder of Ndlovu, was yesterday discharged at the High Court in Pretoria. Mathew Benson was cleared of all charges which included murder and attempted murder after his legal team applied to the court for him to be released under section 174 of the Criminal Procedure Act. The State conceded that it had no case against Benson.

Ndlovu, 24, went missing, after he was shot, killed and fed to crocodiles, allegedly by Benson, who is also 24.
Ndlovu and two of his cousins had allegedly gone to farm G11 in Mooinooi near Majakaneng to steal oranges, but when they arrived at the farm they realised they did not have bags to put the oranges in, which is why Ndlovu only managed to steal 10 oranges.

Benson spotted them and allegedly chased them while shooting at them. Ndlovu was reportedly hit in the leg and his cousins attempted to carry him while fleeing from Benson, but found he was too heavy for them and they left him behind under a tree. He has not been seen since. His cousins escaped unharmed and from a distance they saw Benson finish off Ndlovu and reportedly took him to a dam on the farm where he was fed to Crocodiles.

“All the family want is his bones or his clothes to find closure.” - Said Tebogo's aunt, Nancy Sekgobela.