"The ANC Are Using Land Expropriation As a Diversion For Their Failure." - Prof. Madonsela.

The ANC are using Land Expropriation as a diversion from their failure to provide housing and sanitation infrastructure because they have stolen and wasted billions of Rands.
The government has more than sufficient land to build houses and schools , universities etc, but the ANC are mainly about enriching themselves and making sure their own families are secure, even secure enough to with stand some losses when a new government takes over and tries to recoup the billions stolen. Most of this money is hidden in foreign Banking establishments, like Switzerland etc, properties in Europe and Saudi Arabia.
The ANC have failed the citizens of SA, trying to blame the white minority(nothing new there, it doesn’t matter what the problem is, it’s ALWAYS the whites), by using words like “white supremacy”, “white monopoly capital”, and the old favourite “Apartheid”.