VIDEO: Hearse catches fire transporting a corpse at Seaphole Village (block 17) in Bolobedu district

A hearse transporting a body bursts into flames at Seaphole Village (block 17) in Bolobedu district 'Limpopo' - Pictures
Tzaneen - Hearse burst into flames transporting a corpse who doesn't want go home at Ga-Seaphole (block 17) Village in Bolobedu district to the the neighboring village. A funeral convoy was caught in panic after the vehicle carrying a casket with the body suddenly burst into flames.

According to eye witnesses, the hearse caught fire at about 4:30pm at Seaphole along the block 17 main road.

The convoy was coming from the mortuary and was headed to the nearest village from were the incident occurred to where the late was being transported for burial.

Hearse driver who is anonymous at this stage said the flames came from the coffin and from the tire under mysterious circumstances and that the resultant explosion almost made him lose control.
“Despite the raging fire from the rear of the vehicle towards the cabin where I was with my colleague I managed through the grace of God to contain the vehicle and drove it off the road. Like in a movie scene I managed to evacuate the two mourners to safety,” said the driver.

Mourners rushed to the scene and secured the coffin that had by now been damaged by the mysterious fire to the side of the road according to reports.

One of the eye witness who is a sangoma says that the incident that happened means the corpse is angry and doesn't want to go home for whatever reasons.