Video: Students harassing female teacher after getting high on Dagga at school celebrating legalization of weed #dagga

A video of students who are high on weed harassing a female teacher has been making rounds on social media and has left many people shocked and a lot of educators feeling unsafe at the workplace!

In this video students got high with weed and started screaming at a female teacher after the legalization of weed in South Africa.

While SA celebrates the legalization of weed in mistaken perceptions of the conduct by individual citizens.

Needless to say that a lot of South Africans are very excited about this weed news, even celebrities such as Emtee, Saudi, A reece and more. 

But students at a school not yet known went a bit extreme in a celebration of the news, they got high on weed and then started harassing a female teacher who always spoke bad about weed. And then they made a video of this whole scene. 
Althogh weed is now legal, there is only one catch. Citizens can only smoke it at the comfort of their own home.

Public use of marijuana will earn you a trip to the slammer(jail).