‘White people can go. We will bring in 1500 rice farmers from China to help us with agriculture next year’, - Ramaphosa

PRESIDENT Cyril Ramaphosa leveraged his state visit to the People’s Republic of China recently to move his investment drive into high gear.
The message he delivered to the 1billion-strong Chinese market was simple and clear: “South Africa is open for business.”

Addressing the Team South Africa business breakfast, Ramaphosa assured investors that South Africa was working on the important issue of policy certainty and consistency.
“In the past few years we lost our shine, but we are getting it back,” Ramaphosa said. “We are recalibrating our country, and taking measures to address the malady of corruption in our state-owned enterprises.”
Ramaphosa was quick to assure his Chinese hosts that South Africa would surprise the world by resolving its land problem.

The debate around the land issue is raging, but the fear propagated is subsiding and we will ensure that all people enjoy the right to property,” Ramaphosa said.
During his state visit to South Africa in July, President Xi Jinping emphasised that the country needed stability.
In light of the recent inflammatory Twitter remarks of President Donald Trump regarding South Africa’s land issues, Ramaphosa was at pains to reiterate that the government would ensure food security and enhance agricultural production.
Ramaphosa articulated the priority that South Africa needed to capitalise on market access to balance its trade deficit with China.
“We are exporting more commodities to China, while it is exporting more value added goods to South Africa. Some white people white people will leave South Africa as result of land expropriation without compensation. That’s why we are going to bring in 1500 rice farmers from China to help us with agriculture next year” he said.