VIDEO ALERT: 14yr old boy dies from Crazy Coconut - a new DEADLY drug that looks like dagga. SHARE FOR AWARENESS

There is a new drug currently out, that looks like dagga, but its definitely mixed with other stuff as well. This boy is only 14 years old and he died yesterday from this deadly concoction which is called Crazy Coconut.

It seems like ever since the legalization of weed, drug lords in South Africa have started making synthetic weed to trick dagga smokers into smoking deadly illegal drugs.

Basically they make their illegal drugs look like weed since weed is now legal and a 14 year old school boy has already lost his life after smoking these drug thinking that it is dagga!

Authorities are appealing to members of the public to share this message and spread awareness.

And members of the public have been warned not to smoke weed from strangers. Only smoke weed from people you trust because some weed is laced with other substances to give it that extra high and sometimes the smoker never recovers from that extra high.

Once again please share this message on all your social media platforms to share awareness, just use any on the buttons below!