Anko Lola Simone posted na.ked pictures of herself and a married man 'Mr Celimpilo Kunene' who refused to pay her R10k Mavuso.

Angry Woman took to social media to post photos of herself and a married man 'Celimpilo Steward Kunene' who refused to pay her R10000 Mavuso after s_e_x!

R10k Mavuso Left a man in agony - Apparently a married man Mr Kunene who call himself Mr P_uss_y entered into an agreement with a lady who's name is Anko Lola Simone according to the information provided on her facebook profile, the woman offered the so called Mr pu##y $3xual services for an amount of R10k and then the man failed to pay the R10000 compensation for her services.

Mr Kunene who claim to be effective when coming to payments of his clients failed to honor his promise or agreement with Anko Lola Simone and the lady got angry and posted photos on facebook for control.
Anko Lola Simone is an adventurous woman who is inspired by a movie called "Knock Knock" (we don't want you to leave your family and wife we just wanna show you that this is the world and money makes the world go round)

Mr Kunene has an advert about his business of sl33ping with young girls and then pay them.See the advert below: