Bushiri sacrifices his son 'James Nee' & two others to gain spiritual powers

A lot if not all of Bushiri's followers have been warned that his powers are not from God but from Satan. And for him to stay powerful he has to make human sacrifices to appease the devil who will in turn grant him more powers to deceive all his followers at ECG and around the world.

Recently 3 of Bushiri's sons died in a horrific car accident.

While everyone is saddened by the news, a source has revealed to us that the deaths of James Nee, Beston Khamba and Brain Glant were no accident but infact a sacrifice orchestrate by Prophet Shepered Bushiri. 

"The sacrifice is nothing new to most of us who are close to Bushiri, we know that Bushiri gets his spiritual powers from satan and in return Bushiri arranges human sacrifices. Bushiri can sacrifice anyone who calls him papa but instead he chose someone i loved and someone very close to him, that is an unforgettable act. James looked up to him and wanted to be like him!" Said our source who asked not to be named.
The deaths of the three sons was made public by Bushiri himself in a statement that reads:

It is with great sadness that I announce the sudden passing on of our great worshipper, *James Nee* who died early this morning in a car accident.
I learnt that *James* along with my other two sons *Beston Khamba* and *Brain Glant* were traveling in a vehicle that collided with a truck and in the process overturned and claimed the life of all three of them.
When one of our own goes to sleep tragically, we often ask ourselves so many questions. And while we might not have answers to all of them, we should however be comforted in knowing that those who leave us are only sleeping and they will wake up again when Christ comes back.
Another source spoke to us and had this to say: "i am not surprised at all that Bushiri sacrificed someone close to his heart instead of randomly picking anyone who calls him papa at ECG. When it comes to sacrifice, when you sacrifice someone you care deeply about, the bigger your reward. So believe me Bushiri is about to get very powerful because of this sacrifice. And the day he sacrifices his daughter or his wife he will become powerful as Jesus!"