Cheryl Zondi had 5 abortions during her stay at Omotoso’s house, she now won’t be able to have children.

– Cheryl Zondi the 22-year-old girl who is testifying against Tim Omotoso will never be able to bear children.

– Her reproductive system is messed up as a result of illegal abortions and exposure to sexual intercourse at a very young age.

– She also had 5 abortions between 14 and 17-year-old.

– She one of the girls who apparently got HIV from Omotoso.

– The anger gave her strength to testify against Omotoso.

Cheryl Zondi has been through a lot as we’ve heard from her testimony. Unfortunately, the is much more she’s holding back. Xpouzar.com received information from a male nurse who used to assist a doctor at Omotoso’s house. He claims Omotoso hired a notorious Doctor whose practising license was revoked to perform abortions on the young girls.
Cheryl Zondi had five abortions and one miscarriage during a period of 3 and a half-year. Omotoso’s Doctor final report on Cheryl Zondi was that she would never have children again as her womb surface had been messed up.
Read the contents of the email about Cheryl Zondi for yourself.

I used to visit that house once a month working as an assistant for a Nigerian doctor who lost his license because of malpractice. He worked illegally and was under Omotoso payroll.
We visited the house to give the girls all kinds of contraceptives, this doctor I am talking about also work for different Nigerian pimps.
At Omotoso’s house, we used to give the girls monthly injections, pills and insertion contraceptive implants. One the younger ones we didn’t because the doctor said it will make them mature too fast and get too fat.
Cheryl Zondi was one of the youngest and we often perform abortions on her, I recall doing for abortions on her with the doctor not using the abortion pill. The doctor just kills the fetus and wait for it to come out it was horrible. I remember him saying one more of these and she will never have children when we were doing her third abortion. That young lady has seen it all I don’t understand where she gets the strength to go on that stand.
Also, watch this video. It will help you realise how young Cheryl was when she found herself in the hands of Omotoso. Some say the things she said in this video was actually false, they had her say this to boost the church following.