Cindy Makhathini's hottest pictures that drove the minister 'Malusi Gigaba' crazy when he sent her the 4-5 video

Pictures of Cindy Makhathini that drove the minister 'Malusi Gigaba' crazy and sent videos to her 

Cindy Makhathini is a high school student who leaked Malusi Gigaba's 4-5 video, apparently Mr Gigabytes has been sl33ping with the teenager in 2017 when she was 16-years-old.The minister sent her a lot of money and the parent’s got suspicious and the day they found out it was Mr Gigaba who  has been sending her money and also sent her a video of his 4-5, the parents got angry and exposed him because she was very young for Malusi by the time.

If you don't know Cindy Makhathini then below is a collection of all the saucy pictures she sent the Minister of Home Affairs when the minister decided to risk it all and sent Cindy his 4-5 video!

These pictures were retrieved from Malusi Gigaba's phone by forensic investigators after Malusi Gigaba had claimed that his phone was hacked.

The images were recovered from a deleted folder and it was at that moment the forensic investigators discovered that Malusi Gigaba's phone was never hacked, he sent the 4-5 video to the teenager himself after the teenager sent him a series of saucy pictures.

Malusi Gigaba has since apologized to his family and the general public for the leaking of the video!