Dagga Beer Is Now Sold In MZansi

A South African Craft Beer company has started selling a beer that is made out of dagga extracts.
The company reportedly makes two types of beer, that are made out of dagga, the Poison Cannabis IPA and the Durban Poison Cannabis Lager.
According to Durban Poison, the Poison Cannabis IPA is known for its balanced but high bitterness and powerful aroma and flavours.
“Durban Poison Cannabis IPA proudly lives up to the city and the culture it’s named after.
The hemp or Cannabis Sativa flavour, aroma and oils found in this unconventional craft beer are similar to that found in hops, as both come from the same family.”
It further said that the Durban Poison Cannabis Lager is a light bodied, easy drinking, crisp and refreshing American lager with a slightly spicy, yet clean and balanced flavour.
While this stash of Durban Poison won’t get you high (it contains no THC) the company says on its website.
“It will however make you happy with its unique crisp flavour and easy-drinking vibes.
We’ve simply replaced some of the hops with hemp, a related plant that adds a similar flavour, but also has that feel good factor Durban is famous for,” the company says.
The company Poison City Brewing, which was founded by Andre Schubert and Graeme Bird is the first to market in South Africa with this type of beer.