Famous Ga-Matswi dam dries up in Bolobedu revealing more snakes and unknown creatures

The famous dam in Bolobedu has completely dried up at Ga Matswi.

The dam has always been linked to witchcraft and other things spiritual.

And many residents believe that the dam dried up because three huge snakes were recently killed at a village called Koope near the dam and people believe that those snakes were spiritual creatures belonging to the dam.

It is believed that after the snakes were killed the dam just started drying up slowly until there was literally no water left and more creatures believed to be used for witchcraft were revealed in the dam.
Other people though believe that there is nothing witchcraft or spiritual about the dam drying up it is just a drought and Matswi is not the only dam affected. According to reports another dam at Ga Mamphakati is facing the same fate.

A number of residence in Bolobedu are hopful that it will rain and the damns will be filled up again since we are heading to December and Decembers are always rainy in Bolobedu.

The dam at Ga Matswi is believed to be a source of drinkable water to a number of villages from Ga matswi to Ga mokwakwaila.

So the drought of the dam has affected a number of people.