Kelly Khumalo talks about her snake husband curse - the reason why every man she dates DIE!

– Kelly Khumalo has a snake husband she obtained from a sangoma.

– She obtained it from a West African country sangoma, This is the same sangoma Khanyi Mbau visited in West Africa for different reasons.

– Kelly have been trying to get rid of the snake for years.

– It is just like a jealous husband but worse.

You ever had the saying be careful what you pray for because you will get it?. This is the case here with Kelly Khumalo. What she did at a very young age will haunt her for the rest of her life.
During the early days of her career Kelly received some bad advice from a Western African gentle man who told her if she wanted to give her career a serious boost he know a guy who knows a guy who is behind the success of many big stars in the continent.
At the time Kelly had already made a name for herself but she felt she could be bigger, continental or global. She asked for opinions from family members and friends for advice on whether she should go to West Africa or not. Many advice her against it.
What triggered her to do it is when she thought she deserve a certain award and did not get it, She flew to the West African country where she met the sangoma and come back home.
She started dreaming about making love to a huge snake and when she went back to sangoma he told her the snake is her husband and he will breed her success. The catch was that she will never have anyone else as her husband.
A shocked Kelly visited a dozen sangomas and priests here in South Africa and the snake would temporarily vanish from her life and she’d live a normal life for maybe 6 month and it will come back to torment her again. If she remain single and let the snake do what ever it need she start to prosper but whenever she tries to date bad thing happen.
Kelly Khumalo turned to drugs and tried suicide so many times but nothing helps. The snake is a very jealous lover. Stay tuned to ABCnews.co.za to learn what the same West African sangoma helped Khanyisile Mbau with.