Pictures of Tim Omotoso receiving oral s_e_x from minors while others watch

Pictures and video of Timothy Omotoso receiving oral s_e_x from minors while others watch

– We have pictures of rapist pastor Tim Omotoso getting a b_low_job from two of the young girls who used to stay at his rented house.
– In the pictures, Tim Omotoso is surrounded by very young girls.
– Two girls appeared to be very busy with his g3nitals while others watch.
– This was a normal setting in the house.

Take a look at this pictures from inside the rapist pastor Tim Omotoso rented house, in Umhlanga. Tim only kept a company of very young girls in this house and abuse them s3xually. Neighbours claim they used to see girls that look very young naked on the balcony while loud noise and music would be heard throughout the night.

Take a look at these pics of young girls and Tim Omotoso and judge for yourself.
On the picture above Tim Omotoso appeared to be covering his g3n!tals with just a jacket and a hat. Young girls including Cheryl Zondi are surrounding Tim Omotoso.

On the pic above we can clearly see two girls busy with Omotoso’s genitals while others watch. Omotoso seems to be pleased with what the girls are doing.

Look at the picture below. Tim is holding the girl’s head down towards his gen!tals. Other young girls are just watching like it’s normal. These kids were obviously brainwashed into thinking what was happening in this house was normal.

Please share this article because there are people who still rally behind Omotoso and shaming these little girls for what happened to them