Rapist pastor Tim Omotoso purposely gave his victims HIV

– Tim Omotoso is HIV positive.

– Apparently, he knew about his status but slept with over 30 girls without protection.

– Things turned sideways when most of the girls started getting sick.

– His wife knew what was going on from the start but she did not care.

– Omotoso also has other venereal diseases.

Tim Omotoso is the senior pastor of a Jesus Dominion International, based in Durban, South Africa. He is currently on trial at the Port Elizabeth high court for rape and human trafficking. Tim Omotoso groomed his victims and began abusing them from the tender age of 14.
As more gory details are being revealed about Omotoso ABCnews has found out more nasty details about him. While Cheryl Zondi is testifying. We received an email detailing how all hell broke loose when the girls discovered a medical report that belongs to Omotoso in the mansion they were staying in.
It is very heartbreaking to learn that a person who calls themselves a pastor could be this heartless. Read the email below.

“Hello Thembi in I’m writing this to take off the weight on my shoulder. Pastor Omotoso gave more than 40 girls HIV some have done so many abortions.
Omotoso has all types of things shipped to the house, contraceptives sex toys and he had installed cameras all over the house. He even had doctors perform abortions in the house. 
I knew 3 girls who died from what I believe was HIV they were still teenagers and it breaks my heart. We found out about his status after he left his wallet in the house and it has some sort of medical report that has a list of diseases and it says positive on HIV and three other diseases. A few of us go and get tested and we found out we have been infected.
Things turned bad went I saw his wife drinking what looks like the ARV pills I have. I realized she knows her husband was HIV positive and she knew what he was doing with the girls. Hide my identity”.