Woman Explains How She Got Robbed By A Bank Teller At FNB Wonderpark - Her Hard Earned Money GONE!!!

Have you ever been robbed by the bank you use? it could be through the absurd amount of money they charge you to reverse debit orders which you know nothing about or it could be the bank teller stealing from you!

Here is an email we received detailing how a woman got robbed by a bank teller at FNB in wonderpark mall.

Sitting here as i am drowning my sorrows and looking for excuses to make me believe that Bank tellers are not working with robbers...walk with me through the event that took place today,i am shook for days but help me balance how what was meant to be a beautiful day turn into horror,i will never recover from this.

I drove to the FNB in Wonderpark to with draw a large amount of money,circumstances forced me to withdraw that much money otherwise i would have used the safest way but couldnt. I waited in the cue and when it was my turn, my teller(a woman)helped me but then asked me to step aside for a few seconds so she can help the man behind me since she still has to look into my transactions,well what do i know about banking...i stepped aside and got busy on my phone(how i wish i did'nt) . Five minutes later she called me back and she counted the money using the machine banks use to count money with(i dont know what its called,so excuse me).
This time i was somehow paying attention and i think she gave me two stacks of money(what looked like 20k maybe)but i just thought no,i might have missed something at some point because such mistakes never happens at banks. Here i was with this large amount of money and all i was worried about was to get home safe but also to verify that the amount given was correct.

Leaving the bank,i did not stop anywhere nor talk to anyone,i walked straight to my car and drove straight to the complex i live at...so how could the robbers have known?or do they just smell money from miles away? They followed me to my complex,held the guards at the gate  hostage and robbed me at gun point,just like that!

How could they have known is my qiestion???why did the teller ask me to step aside?was she maybe buying time to inform the robbers because she did'nt help the guy behind me immidiately after asking me to wait...

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