Woman hospitalised after jealous boyfriend beat her up over Facebook post

– Facebook user Zandile was beaten by her boyfriend because of a Facebook post.

– She was beaten so badly her left eye might not be able to see again.

– The boyfriend has turned himself in after 8 hours of hiding.

– He deleted both his and her Facebook accounts.

A Facebook post almost cost a woman her life. A lady by the name Zandile(place and exact time of the incident will not be revealed to protect the woman’s identity) was beaten until she became unconscious by her longtime boyfriend after he saw a Facebook post she made on a single and searching group.
After seeing her Facebook post, Her boyfriend Peter left his workplace without reporting to his superiors. Went back to his flat and beat her up so badly. It appeared that after realizing what he had done he went into hiding and decided to take her phone with him. He deleted both their accounts and later turned himself in.

Police advise people to be aware of the consequences of what they post on social media. “People think online is another world but nowadays it is the same as the real world. What you do online have real-world consequences, I am not supporting domestic violence I am speaking in general”- Officer Mthembu.

Update: We receive an email from the victim’s sister.

“My sister is the woman who posted that she needs someone on that fbook post, she was just joking and she told him it was a joke. Peter was drunk when he beat her he was influence by friends my sster never cheat on him”