Zodwa Wabantu buys her unemployed baby daddy a Range Rover to win him back

Zodwa Wabantu buys her unemployed baby daddy 'ex boyfriend'Range Rover to win him back!

A 32 year old Zodwa Wabantu who's real name is Zodwa Rebecca Libram was born in Soweto and moved to Durban five years ago bought her unemployed baby daddy a brand new Range Rover to win his heart back.

According to controversial Zodwa Rebecca Libram ,she bought the car for her ex boyfriend who dumped her for another woman to show she loves him.

“I love my man. That woman used muthi to win him over. When i made money with my career I bought him something he always wanted.

He is back now and we are happy.

Money is nothing when you are not happy, my ben ten boyfriend knows very well there was nothing serious between us, it was just pl3asure” said the 32 year old Zodwa.
Zodwa Wabantu's family in Soweto who live with her 11 year old son Vuyo were not happy when they learned of the Range rover purchase. “I can’t believe she acted so stupidly. The house she is building for us is not yet done and now she spent over million rands on a no good unemployed guy who doesn’t even care about her,” said angry family.

“He left her for another woman and she attempted to commit suicide. When she started making money he came back running and she bought him an expensive car. that is nonsense,” she added.

When we visited the man he was playing Lucky012’s Imali ye rente inside the car. He told us he didn’t have anything to say to us.