5-year-old impaled by a reinforcement steel bar while dancing idibala & #MalwedheChallenge

– A 5-year-old boy is fighting for his life in Mankweng Hospital in Limpopo.

– He was impaled through the torso with a reinforcement steel bar while dancing idibala.

– Doctors believe it will take a miracle for him to survive.

– The steel pierced through vital organs.

– Officials now warn about the deadly idibala dance.

A young boy is fighting for his life in Mankweng hospital in Limpopo after he fell on a reinforcement steel while doing the viral idibala dance. The dance which goes with King Monada‘s song Malwedhe has caused a taxi accident earlier this week after the driver took part in the dance.
The mother of the child said she is devastated and shocked because she thought the dance was amusing and let her son enjoy it with other kids. “My son loved the dance and he is the funny one who comes up with new idibala moves”. Said the mother.
According to his friends and fellow grade R learners, they were walking from school and decided to play near a demolished building. When a car passed by playing King Monada’s hit they had no choice but to start doing what the song says. The young boy did not have time to look where he will land. The steel bar was covered with grass and it was long enough to rip through his torso.
Tshepo the man who called the ambulance said he heard the children screaming and went over to help. “I thought it was just children fighting but when I got there I was heartbroken, I started I thought it would have been better if they were fighting. I called the ambulance and waited for it, I also told another kid to go fetch the mother. I did not allow people to take pictures I have a son myself and I wouldn’t like to see him ko Facebook like that, people are heartless and make jokes off everything even other people’s pain.”
Police are investigating. “We are warning the people, again and again, that be careful when you do the dance, we are not against the dance but we don’t want heartbreaking stories like these.

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