Cheryl Zondi was paid by Pastor Tim Omotoso’s rivals to to tell lies

– NB: abcnews.co.za is against sexual abuse and the views on this article are of the person who sent the email.

We received an email from anonymous this morning with the following details.

– Cheryl Zondi was being paid by Omotoso’s rival to testify against Omotoso.

– Although there could be truth to her testimony, it is not entirely true.

– Cheryl Zondi might also be mad her times at Omotoso were over.

– She rehearsed everything she told the court from a script she was given.

It took us a few hours to decide on whether we should publish the contents of this email or not. ABCnews is against human trafficking, sexual abuse and paedophilia. and we would like to stress that the views written on the emails we receive are not views of abcnews.co.za. We are behind Cheryl Zondi and other victims of Tim Omotoso.
Read the contents of the email below.

I know this sound like a silly accusation to a rape victim but not everything is the way it looks. Cheryl Zondi might have slept with Omotoso and now regret it or she is mad that she outgrew Omotoso preference. Again the way I worded this sounds harsh and silly. This could possibly be the truth.
I’m a driver for a Nigerian pastor who also has churches here in PE and Durban, he is jealous of Omotoso. He too seems like a pervert to me but he is a very discreet guy. He wants to be powerful like Omotoso. He meets with Cheryl Zondi twice a week. I know because I am the one who picks her and drops her every time. I had no idea who she was until I saw her on TV and I have been driving her since May 2017. I am instructed not to talk to people I pick up for the pastor so we never get to talk.
Sometimes he just gives me a bag of cash to deliver it to her. I know they are sort of dating but then again don’t you think Cheryl Zondi is under the influence of this guy?

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