Controversial Home Affairs Minister Malusi Gigaba speaks on his penis: It's my right!

Minister Malusi Gigaba spoke exclusively to eNCA about his future.
Gigaba said he was not going to resign after the court ruled that he had lied under oath.
He believes there is a political conspiracy against him.
"I feel an avalanche of pressure all of which is political... and seeks to paint me as a person who is not fit to hold public office," he said.
Gigaba said he was prepared to fight to bitter end against any moves to remove him.
"I'm not going to resign, no, they must bring the war, I am ready for it. I am going to fight it to the bitter end; they must not think they can walk all over me,” said Gigaba.
In the same interview, the minister addressed the issue of the much-publicised s3x tape which has now made its way on the world’s biggest pornography site, P0rn Hub.

Commenting on it, he said: “I’ve a right to be as romantic as I want with my wife. She’s my wife, I paid lobola, I married her in broad daylight. “When I travel with her u complain, when I’m romantic with her, u hack my phone and try to humiliate us and still complain. What do u want us to do?” 

Gigaba has always insisted that the sex tape was meant for his wife and that someone hacked his phone to obtain it.

Malusi has since then apologized to his family and the general public.